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Better Life Clinic brings together Obstetrics and Gynaecology as one dedicated department with a panel of expert doctors with years of experience to provide the highest level of patient wellbeing during pregnancy, delivery and stages of a women’s life - with one united goal of patient safety, doctors work hand in hand with the help of professional nurses and assistants. In addition, women who have just reached puberty are able to visit our gynecology department to discuss their menstrual cycles and hormonal issues, preparing them for a healthy and bright future ahead. Better Life Clinic offers a wide variety of Gynecological services such as surgeries, screening, prevention, family planning, urogynaecology and many more to ensure that all gynecology needs are met under one roof and clinches to manage the ever-changing needs of the department. Hassle-free and without further complications.

Department doctors

Dr. Priyesh Mahender Singh

Dr. Priyesh Mahender Singh

Specialist - Dermatologist


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