BLC Care Package

Better life Clinic Care package

The Better Life Clinic Care Package is applicable for everyone. Even if an individual doesn’t show any peculiar symptoms, but there are chances to posses significant illness mostly by lifestyle or by hereditary causes like heart, liver, lung, bowel, and kidney illness and counts among the most common causes of long-term illness. Intending to help you improve your overall health & eliminate risk factors for disease, we have designed this BLC care package to maximize illness diagnosis that covers a wide range of medical concerns.

It allows individuals to attain best possible treatment and good control for any health conditions which will result in better outcomes and thereby lower the risk of serious complications.

Better Life Clinic Care Package covers detailed body checkup packages, personalized for you and your family to transform to enhancement of your health.

Are you looking for an extensive health check that includes a set of tests that can give a broad overview of your health status, to evaluate vulnerability to several illnesses, then yes! You are in right place!

This BLC care package covers over 60 Laboratory parameters.

commonly known lab tests

CBC – Complete Blood Count

Vitamin D

HbA1c (Glycosylated Haemoglobin A1) Kidney Function Test

Urine Routine Analysis Liver Function Test Lipid Profile

Blood Sugar

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