Dental Duo Package

Duo package for dental covers two vital procedures, which is scaling and tooth polishing. Here your teeth will be examined for decay and weak spots in the enamel and then Plaque and calculus (tartar) are brushed from the surface of your teeth – scaling and your teeth are then polished to remove stains before being flossed and covered with a protective coat.

One and all mouth carries a variety of bacteria, some of which act with saliva and the food that is consume to create a sticky film, called plaque. Plaque mould wherever food debris becomes enter in the mouth, generally along with the gum margin and in zone that are difficult to clean, called stagnation areas.

Plaque falls along the gum margin will create pain and the soft tissue and eventually cause swelling in the gum, or gingivitis.

Well maintained tooth brushing and inter dental cleaning by the patient will remove plaque and stop this from happening. However, if the plaque is not removed, it slowly stiffens by grabbing minerals from the patient’s saliva and becomes calculus (tartar).

By tooth brushing alone calculus cannot be removed, and the dentist or hygienist will need to remove it by scaling the teeth.

If the calculus is left untouched, it slowly forms further down the side parts of the tooth root as the gum tissue is wreck, and in due course the supporting structures of the tooth (the jaw bone and periodontal ligaments) are also destroyed and the tooth becomes loose in its socket. This is called periodontal disease, or periodontitis.

Dental scaling and polishing is the process of removing of the plaque and tartar deposits which is built up on the teeth and the polishing does the surface of the teeth smoother. This procedure is conducted during routine cleaning at a visit to the dentist.

Why is scaling important?

Scaling, as it sounds as painful, is a way to keep a clean mouth and prevent future from plaque build­up.

Though it is not everyone’s favorite pastime to go to the dentist to have this procedure to be performed, it will help you maintain a healthy mouth for longer period.

It will also serve as a way to protect and prevent gum disease from fully developing, which is vital.

What to expect during your Dental Duo Package?

Once you’ve arrived at the clinic for your Dental Duo Package. Our dentist will most likely proceed in one of two ways prefers to use handheld tools, he or she will use a metal tool called a dental scaler or curette. Initial way is by dental scaler is inserted underneath the gum line to take away the plaque that your toothbrush can’t do. If dentist prefers to use an ultrasonic device depends on the conditions and severity, he or she will then use a tool with a vibrating metal tip that simultaneously sprays cool water while the tip chips away at the tartar.

Benefits of Tooth Polishing

Benefits of tooth polishing are somewhat debated within dentistry. On 2018 a clinical review of multiple studies concluded that smooth-running tooth polishing is not alone preventing gum disease.

Also in the same studies review did note that those who have done their teeth polished and scaled had remarkably less plaque buildup on their teeth.

Remember that having a less plaque may preserve your tooth enamel, which is impossible to completely restore or put back once it’s eroded or decayed.

Tooth polishing also removes bacteria from the surface of your teeth.

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