Our General Practitioner is a master in handling salient medical conditions and numerous illnesses. Furthermore, our expert team comprising proficient doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other associates are highly expertise in their areas of work. We endow paramount emphasis on Health Education and preventive medicines. Moreover, we will ensure our services will aid you and your loved ones with a complete range of medical services & set the seal on with various health awareness programs.

Why should I consult a general practitioner?

General practitioners are instrumental in providing preventive medicines at the early stages by examining and diagnosing your health condition. In situations where there’s a family history of chronic illness, or is experiencing an unusual situation, or is at-risk for chronic conditions, consulting a proficient general practitioner would help you with the best possible guidance. Moreover, the continuity of care and conducting a routine of health examinations help to attain an overview that would be beneficial enough to focus on your overall health both physically and mentally.

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Establish your health risk

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If you’re experiencing unusual symptoms or you have an evident family history of diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, high cholesterol, or any other notable diseases, never panic. Diagnosing them at the initial stages and attaining the right treatment is the best favor you could do yourself and surely prevention is far better than cure.


Medical Check up

Undertaking tests on health checkpoints like heart rate and blood pressure helps to monitor and maintain your basic vital signs. It will bestow you with an investment to guide on healthy routine & lifestyle on a long run


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“Prevention is better than cure”

Please book your appointment once you’re experiencing any of these symptoms. Better life clinic is ready to serve you and also we provide tele-consultation for your safer experience.

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