Extensive Hair Fall Package

Hair fall treatment package

Hair loss refers to uncontrolled loss of hair creates by intrusion in the hair growth cycle. It is an ordinary problem in both men and women, and it can take place in different patterns, depends on the root cause.

The science behind hair fall is that, the hair is made up of two parts – follicle and shaft. The hair follicle holds the scalp and the hair shaft is the skin where the hair grows. Human being has a natural cycle of hair shedding and growth.

As studies show hair loss happens – A healthy person can lose about 100 strands of telogen hair every single day. However, when the hair growth cycle is damage due to various conditions, hair loss might take place.

Different Types of Hair Loss

Finding out the type of hair loss is more essential to give the right appropriate hair loss treatment.


It’s the most commonly known cause of hair fall in both men and women. The natural condition and the action of aging proceeding contribute to the gradual loss of hair and continuing hair thinning.

Physical Stress

Physical stress is physically stressed in situations like an accident, server illness or some surgery. It can upset the hair follicles; interrupt the natural hair growth cycle and leads to notable hair loss.

Mental Stress

Mental stress like depression and anxiety for a long period can lead to hair loss. Psychological disorders like trichotillomania are a condition of irresistible hair pulling is, and can cause hair loss too.

Medication and Treatment

Medication of several types and for a disparate state like acne, blood thinners, anti-depressants, and cholesterol-lowering drugs to name some, can end in hair loss.

To examine the extent of hair loss, discuss the family history and medical, hair care, and routine diet and get a customized scientific hair loss treatment plan as per your needs.

Major Hair Fall symptoms

Major symptoms like hair fall in patches and receding hairlines and hair thinning are general and common for both men and women.

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